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李子柒 Liziqi 李子柒 Liziqi

the soup base to blanch sliced mutton in freezing days|Liziqi channel

Liziqi channel—— hotpot Red and spicy bean curd with vegetable leaves, a cup of fresh winter water on a copper pot and a little bit of meat, two or three green onions and ginger. This is all the bottom of the copper pot shabu-shabu! It’s freezing cold, you have to cook fresh lamb around the stove and dip it with your own secret sauce to be satisfied! A pot of plain water, with several shreds of scallion and ginger, That’s all you need for the soup base. to blanch sliced ​​mutton in freezing days. Dip it into the almighty sesame paste. And then, life is complete. ==== ===Real-time updates of wonderful videos, welcome to subscribe:https://goo.gl/nkjpSx

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