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winter bedding from double-cocoon silk|Liziqi Channel

Liziqi Channel-Silk quilt China is the first country in the world to invent silk sericulture and silk reeling, and silk is also a symbol of ancient Eastern culture. We have raised silkworms in our family since we were young, and it seemed that the winter was about to pass, so we used the double cocoons of the late autumn silkworms this season to make bed quilts for grandma to spend the winter! ! Chinese people invented sericulture and silk reeling, And silk is treasured as a symbol of Chinese culture. It’s a family tradition to raise silkworms and I’ve been doing that as a little girl. Now it’s getting cold, and let me make a set of winter bedding from double-cocoon silk to keep my dear granny warm. Subscribe to Liziqi Channel on YouTube: https://goo.gl/nkjpSx

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