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China. Coronavirus COVID-19 Birth Place. Trip to Infected Zone.

China. Coronavirus outbreak. All you wanted to know about China virus or coronavirus in project “How People Live”
My friends, I am Lyadov, and I am in China doing my vlog. Right now, I intend to go to the Hubei Province, which as many of you already know is described as the source of the coronavirus. This is where the city of Wuhan is, where the coronavirus story started. I want to see how the people there are living.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not crazy. I studied the medical side of the issue quite carefully, so I know what I am doing. The most difficult part now is not the virus, but the Chinese police.

First of all, the Chinese have one of the world’s most vigilant police forces.

Presently, they are being especially careful to catch anyone who films anything at all in the proximity to the Hubei border. // So, let’s see what becomes of this.

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