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People, today i will show you how War looks like for ordinary civilians.
Сonstant bombing, drone attacks, loss of loved ones, destruction of your own home – thats all about Horror of War.
This video was my toughest experience ever.
The footage for this report was filmed from both sides of the conflict. And I will take turns showing life from one side or the other of the front. So have patience. At the same time, I categorically do not support military actions of any of these parties.
I equally love my friends and relatives – Armenians and Azerbaijanis. Azerbaijanis and Armenians. Human relations for me are much more important than nationalities, religions, citizenship and even political views. The only reason I am making this video is to show the horror of war that freezes in front of the little ones, children, women, all peaceful people who at some point discover that the sound of shells is not muffled even if they crawl under the bed and cover themselves with a pillow.

Welcome to How do People Live by Lyadov from Karabakh!

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