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A Dive Into Titan’s Atmosphere To Find The Old Huygens Probe!

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Getting off on Titan is a breeze.
I’m telling myself that all the time these days. And I’m hearing it a lot from NASA engineers, too, all cozy in their chairs.
But they are right. Venus yes it really is “crazy”, but Saturn’s big moon, no.
Titan’s atmosphere is also unbreathable, but at ground level, the pressure is only a little higher than on Earth. It doesn’t crush you like Venus, which is 95 times heavier. Also, Titan doesn’t try to fuse the lander you’re down with, or your suit, with sulfuric acid puffs! Neither does it have winds that blow like those of Jupiter, nor temperatures that threaten to liquid you and your entire spacecraft.
On Titan it is cold, it is true, but -195°C, I don’t know why, sounds better than +450°C… it gives me more confidence, it seems more human.
Let’s say rather that Titan is much more out of the way than Venus, to get there. And it’s only thanks to a revolutionary “direct fusion” engine that we’re about to complete the Earth-Saturn crossing in less than two years.

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