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Are We Being Watched By Alien “Lurkers” in Our Solar System?

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Are we being watched by Alien “Lurkers” in our solar system?

Are we alone in this universe? This existential question might have come up in probably everyone’s mind. Taking in mind the vastness of our universe and the large amount of star systems present in it, we might not be alone! And if that’s the case, what if an alien civilization, that is millions of years ahead of us in technological advancement, has already found us? What if these aliens are lurking in our solar system? What if we are being imaged and watched by them constantly? Is it possible that there are alien lurkers in our solar system? In this video we will talk about whether any alien civilization can possibly watch us or not! Are we being observed?
In 1950 a scientist named Enrico Fermi asked a question, “Where is everybody?” The question went on to become one of the most famous paradoxes in History, also known as the Fermi Paradox.

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5:20 Hubble space telescope
6:02 what if they are lurking?
7:50 at what place we should look for?

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