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Artemis 2 Project Will Bring To The Moon Instruments And Astronauts

First Part ► Artemis Project 1, The New Mission to Return To The Moon

Commercial Purposes ►
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Artemis 2 is the second stage of the Artemis project and will consist of a series of human-crewed missions aboard the Orion spacecraft. In this mission, the astronauts will prepare for the next ones to establish a base on the Moon.
Artemis 2 will be the second stage of the Artemis project. Its launch date will be subject to Artemis 1, and its main objective will be to bring to the moon instruments and astronauts who will make preparations for the safe arrival of humans.

The liftoff of the mission will be the same as with Artemis 1, a Space Launch System (SLS) that will carry the provisional cryogenic propulsion stage (ICPS) and the Orion spacecraft with a crew of 4 astronauts.
Once the SLS reaches the Earth’s orbit, it will decouple and return to Earth. On its own, the ICPS will be in charge of taking the Orion spacecraft to the Moon with fuel-based on Hydrogen and Oxygen.
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2:20 Van Allen Belts
3:42 on the moon
3:59 tidal coupling
5:54 satellite moon reconnaissance orbiter
6:22 return trip
7:23 next missions
8:15 gateway
8:49 1. Power and propulsion element
9:23 2. The Housing and Logistics Outpost (HALO)
10:10 3. Logistics capabilities

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