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Artemis Program: “We Are Going Forward To The Moon To Stay”

In recent years, NASA’s Artemis program has made increasing progress. Initially conceived as a “sister” to the Apollo program, Artemis will, in its most fundamental aspects, replicate the sequence of missions that put humans on the Moon

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The first mission: Artemis 1
Artemis 1, formally called Exploration Mission -1, represents the official start of the program missions. Currently, it is still scheduled to start at the end of 2021, but it seems that even this date may be delayed, motivated by the emergency, but actually due to the still uncertain results of the Green Run test of the Space Launch System. The launch could thus slip until the spring of 2022.
Very interesting is the CubeSat mission called Near-Earth Asteroid Scout, which is basically a technology demonstrator of a controllable solar sail spacecraft.
The second mission: Artemis 2
The Artemis 2 mission will be the first with 4 astronauts on board. The objective is to perform a flyover of the Moon with a crew on board, but it will not yet descend to the surface.
The Orion capsule will perform a single orbit around the Moon, coming within 7500 km of the surface at its closest point
The third mission: Artemis 3
Artemis 3, which optimistically will launch in 2025, will be the first mission to bring a woman to the lunar surface, possibly with a black astronaut.

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