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Astronews Recent Discoveries (Crash On The Moon, Webb Telescope, Proxima Centauri New Planet & More)

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Crash on the Moon? It’s not Elon Musk’s fault!

Webb Telescope, another step towards history

On February 10, NASA has published the first image made by the James Webb Space Telescope. It is a collage of 18 different images, each made by one of the 18 segments that make up the primary mirror.
As we have already explained in another video, next March 4 at 12:25 UT large space debris will crash on the Moon.

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Credits: Ron Miller, Mark A. Garlick /
Credits: Nasa/Shutterstock/Storyblocks/Elon Musk/SpaceX/ESA/ESO/ Flickr

0:32 Crash on the Moon? It’s not Elon Musk’s fault!
2:05 Webb Telescope, another step towards history
4:02 Elon Musk defies even solar storms!
5:16That time went well… but what about the next one?
8:25 Discovered a new planet on Proxima Centauri
9:52 trojan asteroids,

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