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Believe Me, We Earthlings Will Never Colonize Mars!

Sure, for an astronaut to walk on Mars would be an amazing and profound experience. But visiting the planet to expand the frontier of our knowledge is very different from living there permanently by forming bases and colonies. Mars is not made for humans. Mars will get you!
And now I will explain why we will never colonize mars…
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Elon Musk thinks Mars is like Earth? But who would like to live in underground tunnels lit by anti-depression lamps, feeding on lettuce grown under UV lights?
The Red Planet is a cold, empty place, with an atmosphere about 100 times thinner than Earth’s. The paltry amount of air that does exist on Mars is primarily composed of noxious carbon dioxide, which does little to protect the surface from the Sun’s harmful rays.
The thin atmosphere also means that heat cannot be retained at the surface. The average temperature on Mars is -63 degrees Celsius, with temperatures dropping as low as -126.

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