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Big Brother’s Daniel Reacts to Taylor Winning Head of Household!

‘Big Brother’ season 24 contestant Daniel Durston chats with ET’s Denny Directo about being the house’s latest evictee. The 35-year-old tries to explain the strategy behind his eviction speech and why he only said goodbye and hugged Terrence Higgins as he left the house. Daniel also reacts to Michael Bruner’s veto speech, in which he used Daniel’s own words against him. Daniel then addresses the Taylor Hale bullying drama and why he thinks she was being blamed for things that happened in the house, including Paloma Aguilar leaving. Daniel also shares his reaction to Taylor winning the first Head of Household competition since his eviction. ‘Big Brother’ airs multiple nights a week on CBS, with episodes and live feeds streaming exclusively on Paramount+.

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