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Dragonfly Goes On Titan: Could Saturn’ s Moon Host Life?

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NASA has announced that our next destination in the solar system is the unique, richly organic world Titan. Advancing our search for the building blocks of life, the Dragonfly mission will fly multiple sorties to sample and examine sites around Saturn’s icy moon.
Dragonfly is a NASA mission to explore the chemistry and habitability of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.
The goals for Dragonfly include searching for chemical biosignatures; investigating the moon’s active methane cycle.
On Earth it is 9:00 a.m. UT on January 14, 2005, when the small Huygens probe is released from the Cassini mothership and plunges into the atmosphere of Titan at an altitude of 1200 km.
Huygens parachutes down for two and a half hours, measuring atmospheric pressure, temperatures, electrical properties, humidity, wind speed, and direction. Equipped with a microphone, Huygens also records the first ambient sounds from another celestial body.
; Could Saturn’s moon Host life?

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