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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop: The Future Of Transport Technology?

From what it is, to what it could mean, to whether it will help make transportation greater across the world, allow us to ask the question of whether the Hyperloop is going to be the future of transportation technology!
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For those that don’t exactly know what Hyperloop is, allow us to give you an overview explanation of it.
The idea was brought forth (in modern times at least) back in 2013 by the one and only Elon Musk, the man behind SpaceX and the many innovations of the Tesla car company. He had an idea for a train system that would work within the confines of a pneumatic tube and be a low pressure system powered by magnets.
According to Elon, if this was to be made and worked along the parameters that he and others envision, it would make it so that the train could go…about 760 miles per hour.
7. The First Hyperloop
Hyperloop companies won’t be the first to try an underground transportation system in a sealed tube. In 1867, the inventor Alfred Ely Beach wanted to build an underground train system in New York City that relied on pneumatic tubes. But he abandoned the system and instead focused on the easier task of moving mail rather than people, because New York politician Boss Tweed opposed the plan according to a paper by former US Postal Service inspector Robert A Cohen.
5. Who Is Making The Hyperloop?
So now that you have a loose understanding of the Hyperloop, let’s ask the question of, “Who is working on this right now?”
The Future
Should Elon, Virgin, or another market be able to prove the validity of the Hyperloop we could well and truly be looking at the next stage of human transportation, and material transportation. Hyperloops could work underwater if built the right way and that could fast track travel over oceans without much issue. Not to mention the wait time for key materials could be drastically cut and thus projects could be made in a fraction of the time.

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