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Europa Clipper Mission: Finding Alien Life In The Oceans Of Europa!

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What is Humanity’s best bet to find life outside Earth? If you had asked this question in the 80s to a NASA’s Viking mission scientist, he would probably say, “We’ll know in a couple of years for sure”. Today nearly half a century after NASA’s Viking mission to mars, hopes of finding life on mars have slowly faded away. In these last 50 years scientists have come to grips with how hard it is to find life outside of earth. We could detect biosignatures from exoplanets and infer about the existence of life on that planet, but we can never directly observe them. At Least with the current technology that we have. Therefore most of the questions about extraterrestrial life have the chance to go unanswered.
Europa Clipper Mission in 2024 Mars( will be launched), being closest to Earth, had given a lot of hope to scientists which has slowly faded away. Though, In the last few decades a new possibility has come to light and a very convincing one- Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Finding alien life on Jupiter’s moon europa.

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10:41 3 main goals of Europa clipper mission

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