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From Here To 2069: The Predictions On The Moon Colonization

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Watch our Mars Timelapse: The First 10.000 Days Of The Martian Colonization (2031-2059)
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Here you have a moon timelapse
What follows is a decade-by-decade account of the future of exploration of our moon. From the present day until 2069, the 100th anniversary of the Apollo 11 descent.
It is no coincidence that we speak of exploration and not colonization… we believe that the function of our satellite will be in the future more similar to that of the current bases in Antarctica than to that of new land to inhabit and populate. It is very likely that the Moon will become an outpost for scientific activities, and the starting point for large interplanetary missions. But it will never be a place where people will go to live and raise a family…
Predicting the future is almost impossible anyway. Who would have thought in 1972 that we would not return to the moon for at least 50 years? There are doubts, cancellations, and delays on next year’s missions, let alone those of the next decades…

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