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Hibernation! The Only Way To Get Out Of The Solar System Deceiving Space And Time

The colonization of space is a recurring theme in human desires, at least in the last century. Science fiction does nothing but make explicit the hopes that the future technological revolution fuels.
Another solution appears on the horizon: hibernation.
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How to move from one planet to another, from one star to another, or from one galaxy to another? Very fast engines and wormholes would offer a practical and seductive solution to the problem of long-distance star travel, but they hide a difficulty: we do not have the slightest idea of what a wormhole or a wormhole looks like, and physics does not yet allow us to exploit engines so powerful to push us beyond the speed of light
The idea of cryogenic suspension, or cryosleep, has always been one of the markers of “hard” science fiction. Instead of hand-waving some way to cheat Einstein, movies like Alien and authors like Alastair Reynolds have shown people going to sleep and waking up months, years, or even centuries later, in another part of the universe.
It’s a pretty huge leap from what we know about hibernation among mammals on Earth. But in reality, many scientists are convinced that cryosleep is the only hope we have to make an interstellar journey during our lifetime; without relying on collective solutions such as those of the “generational spaceships”.
Cryosleep involves huge challenges that we have no idea how to get around, but we already know that traveling faster-than-light is plain impossible, or would require an unattainable amount of energy.
Let’s talk about Cryogenics. This process replaces the fluids of the human body with an antifreeze agent which doesn’t form the same destructive crystals.
Scientists have successfully frozen and then unfrozen 50-milliliters (almost a quarter cup) of tissue without any damage.

In the next few years, we’ll probably see this technology expanded to preserving organs for transplant, and eventually entire bodies, and maybe even humans. Then this science fiction idea might actually turn into reality. We’ll finally be able to sleep our way between the stars.

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