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How Dinosaurs Really Went Extinct

Earth, the whole planet was inhabited by dangerous, gigantic and wild creatures from which it would have been better to keep away.
The beasts,(included dinosaurs) all intent on grazing and hunting, probably did not ask questions, nor could they know that it was an asteroid of almost ten kilometers in diameter, headed towards their planet.
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The entry into the atmosphere of this cosmic mountain larger than Everest produced a colossal shock wave, with a bang so strong that millions of birds and pterosaurs flew around the world, scaring even the bravest T. Rex to end. Then the great space rock reached the ground at an estimated speed of twenty kilometers per second, vaporizing the waters of a shallow sea at what is now the Yucatán Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico.
According to simulations and mathematical models made in recent years, the impact led to the formation of a crater 180 kilometers in diameter, carved into the earth’s crust to a depth of twenty kilometers.
Although it is not the only one of the great extinctions in the history of the Earth, and not even the largest in terms of number of species disappeared, the extinction of the end of the Cretaceous has fascinated generations of scholars and amateurs because among the excellent victims of this event there were the “great reptiles”, the dinosaurs; although with them, as we have seen, thousands of other species disappeared: vertebrates and invertebrates, marine and terrestrial.
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