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How Long Would It Take To Reach Each Of The Planets In The Solar System?

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Would time it take to reach each of the planets in the solar system? Today we’ll find out!
We will start from the planet closest to the sun to the farthest, starting with the smallest planet of all, Mercury; this planet revolves around the sun in an orbit that varies from 46 and 70 million km between the closest and farthest point respectively.
The second closest planet to the sun is Venus which is also the hottest planet of all; if the hottest, How is it possible that Venus is hotter than Mercury if Mercury is closer to the sun?
Better known as the red planet, Marte is the most famous planet after Earth. However, it is not the closest since, at its closest points, the distance between Mars and Earth is 59 million kilometers.
Jupiter, the gas giant, is the fifth closest planet to the sun and is located at nothing more and nothing less than 640 million kilometers; this distance is more than ten times greater than the distance contemplated to go to Mars.
Saturn, the lord of the rings, this planet is 1,275 million km away, that is, 8.5 astronomical units, the equivalent of going 8.5 times to the sol or going two times to Jupiter.
Uranus is the next farthest planet after Saturn; this is located approximately 2,970 000 000 km from Earth at its closest point, equal to almost 20 Astronomical Units.
Finally, Neptune the coldest and farthest planet of all; this one has located 4,300 million km from the Earth, which is equivalent to almost 30 Astronomical Units, thirty!
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