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How The Giant Magellan Telescope Will Revolutionize Our Understanding Of The Universe?

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The explanation for all this strenuous hard work is the Giant Magellan Telescope, which will become the largest optical telescope in the world. The Giant Magellan Telescope or GMT will be located at 8,200 feet on the peak of Chile’s Cerro Las Campanas, in a 22-story structure that is now under construction. The ultra-dry air at high elevations in the Atacama Desert provides some of the best views of the night sky anywhere in the world. The massive telescope will have ten times the resolving capability of the Hubble Space Telescope, allowing it to show distant galaxies, star birth, and the compositions of exoplanet atmospheres—a critical field of research in the hunt for alien life. The start of telescope operations, known as first light, is scheduled for 2023 and will employ just four mirrors. In 2025, the first observations with all seven mirrors will be made. Today, the pots are being filled in Japan, the furnace is being lighted in Arizona, the earth is being broken in Chile, and construction on the Giant Magellan Telescope is underway.

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