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How The New James Webb Telescope Can Discover Alien Life?

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The James Webb telescope is one of the most complex endeavors Humans have ever attempted. It cost NASA about 10 billion dollars to build and consumed countless personnel. Despite multiple delays and cost overruns, the James Webb Telescope finally Launched on December 25,2021 making it the most complex and powerful telescope ever made. So expectations have been high for this brand new time-machine in space and One of these expectations has long been a source of discomfort for scientists. Is there life in other parts of the universe? Is it possible that aliens are waiting to contact us? Heyecan planets are one of the places where the James Webb Space Telescope may locate aliens or life signals. But how will it do that? How will these discoveries change our understanding of the universe and ourselves? Let’s take a look at how the new James Webb telescope will discover Alien Life!

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