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Hundreds Of Stars Have Disappeared From The Sky, Where Have They Gone?

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Astronomers therefore often find themselves comparing photographic plates from many decades ago with digital images made recently. Which is also what an international team of astronomers did to discover any sources that disappeared or appeared over the last century.
The result? Apparently, hundreds of stars have potentially disappeared from the sky over the past 70 years.
The researchers compared the position of millions of stars in a catalog published in the last century with the position they have in a contemporary catalog. Net of all the mismatches attributable to the proper motion of those stars and artifacts of various kinds, in the research completed in 2019 a hundred light sources appear to have disappeared into thin air. This number rose in 2021 to the extraordinary quota of 800 missing stars.
Several natural occurrences could account for their disappearance, but, alongside them, scientists also consider the search for “technosignatures”, that is, clues that can be traced to artifacts created by extraterrestrial technological civilizations
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