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Io: Jupiter’s Hellish Moon

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Volcanoes are a unique feature of our earth. Our Earth is relatively new as compared to all other solid worlds in our solar system. Some worlds have a few volcanic activities and some worlds lack any volcanic activity. But there is one strange place in our solar system which outclasses everything else in terms of volcanic activity. Galileo discovered four massive moons around our largest planet, Jupiter, using a telescope in 1610. Callisto was the farthest out, followed (inward) by Ganymede, Europa, and lastly the closest world: Io. While Callisto and Ganymede are enormous and extensively cratered, and Europa appears to be covered in ice, when we take a good, close look at Io, it appears to be vastly different from the other worlds. What’s so special about IO that makes it stand out in our solar system?

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1:10 Earth Crust
3:10 Io Crust and facts
8:05 Enceladus
8:20 Europa


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