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Is it Possible To Build Star Trek’s Enterprise?

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Towards the end of the XIX century, Jules Verne published his novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
It tells the story of three men who go to sea in search of a giant whale, but things don’t go as they were expecting, and they are taken prisoners onboard the world’s first submarine, the Nautilus. This huge submarine, 70 meters long and armour-plated, was capable of sinking any ship and it was equipped with a 12000 volume library and an art collection with work from Da Vinci, Titian and Raphael. At that time, submarines existed, but no existing submarine could have compared the power of Verne’s Nautilus. But sooner or later, submarines started to resemble more and more the Nautilus. In 1958, USS Nautilus, as it was dubbed, was the first nuclear-powered submarine ever functioning.
Verne was certainly an inspiration to humankind.
He also wrote From the Earth to the Moon, in 1865, where he basically predicted many aspects of the Apollo 11 mission, including take-off from Florida, USA, and the use of an aluminium spacecraft! Concerning certain aspects, it was so accurate that astronaut Neil Armstrong said:
“100 years ago, Jules Verne wrote a book about a voyage to the Moon. His spaceship, Columbiad, took off from Florida and landed in the Pacific Ocean after completing a trip to the Moon. It seems appropriate to us to share with you some of the reflections of the crew as the modern-day Columbia completes its rendezvous with the planet Earth and the same Pacific Ocean tomorrow.”

In general, books and movies have always been related to science and technology, and the connection between them is a really strong one. For example, in movies and books we can find the use of technologies that don’t exist yet, but that is likely to be developed in the future.

This is the case with Star Trek and the Enterprise spacecraft.
Whether you are a huge Star Trek fan, or you don’t know anything about it, this video is definitely for you!

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