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Is Time A Single Block? Eternalism And The Andromeda Paradox

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We are used to thinking about the past as something stable and immutable, and to the future as something that’s somehow fluid and indefinite. 
That’s how it really is?
According to the theory of relativity, past present and future can’t be separated and split in a precise way and absolute, and this has some consequences on our interpretation of past, present and future.
Indeed, according to einstein, the future is real and fixed as much as the present and the past. 

When we think about space, we don’t have any problem visualizing it as something that exists everywhere in the same way. 
We say that something is “here” in this point of space and that another one is “there” in another point, but both things are equally real.
For what concerns time, we think about it in a completely different way. 
Everything which we think is real is something that is existing NOW. 

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