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James Webb Space Telescope: 5 Critical Events That Will Determine The Success

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The James Webb Telescope will be one of the hardest technical mission NASA will ever attempt. Despite the numerous delays, technical challenges, funding crisis and uncertainties the Mighty James Webb Telescope was launched on December 25. But The launch itself does not guarantee the success of James Webb . After decades of development it all comes down to 5 critical steps that will determine whether this 10 Billion dollar project of NASA will succeed or not.
5-) The Ariane 5 Launch- This is obviously one of the most important event in the journey of the James Webb Telescope.
4-) Separation and Solar Array Deployment- Occurring 30 minutes after the Launch, deploying the solar array is another critical process.
3.) Full sunshield deployment- After the deployment of the support structures another very critical step is the Sunshield deployment. If it fails, or if the tensioning catches or snags, the telescope will not cool, resulting in a catastrophic loss.
2-) Mirror Deployment- The anxiety of sunshield deployment will not go away soon. Six days into the trip, the telescope’s secondary mirror will be lowered into position at the end of three long arms.
1-) L2 Orbit Insertion- The final and an important event is the L2 Orbit insertion. After all the 4 critical moments it will boil down to this final event, which will determine the position of James Webb. After the first 29 days, JWST will be 1,400,000 kilometers away from Earth, almost to its final destination of the L2 lagrange point.
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2:19 The Ariane 5 Launch
4:29 Separation and Solar Array Deployment
5:52 Full sunshield deployment
7:11 Mirror Deployment-
8:16 L2 Orbit Insertion

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