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Journey To HELL Through The Atmosphere Of Venus!

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The popular science fiction of the early 20th century depicted Venus as a kind of wonderland; with pleasantly warm temperatures, forests, swamps, and even dinosaurs. A kind of Jurassic Park where someone already wanted to bring one-day rich tourists looking for emotions.

Today, Venus is unlikely to be perceived as a dream destination for would-be space tourists. As revealed by numerous missions in recent decades, rather than being a paradise, Venus is a hell.
Roughly the size of Earth, its surface is plagued by temperatures that would melt lead, pressures 90 times greater than Earth’s, and clouds of sulfuric acid suspended in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and nitrogen driven by winds of up to 350 km per hour. Under the dazzling blanket of clouds that perpetually covers the planet comes little light to illuminate the high volcanic mountains and huge plateaus.

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