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Mysterious Radio Signal Detected Repeating Every 18 Minutes

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Mysterious radio signals have dominated astronomy discoveries for quite a time now. Astronomers have disclosed information on unusual signals coming from the center of our galaxy. A team scanning radio waves in the Universe has uncovered something odd that emits a massive burst of energy three times each hour, unlike anything astronomers have ever seen. Spinning around in space, the odd object emits a beam of radiation that crosses our line of sight and is one of the brightest radio emitters in the sky for one minute out of every twenty. The actual nature and origin of the radio wave explosions are unclear. Scientists have discovered another odd radio emission originating from the core of our galaxy, which has yet to be explained. A radio source that was recently described in the paper, which you can find in the description below, and that does not seem to fit the patterns we’ve observed from other radio sources, such as various neutron stars, various white dwarfs, or potentially black holes, all of which can produce various types of unusual radio signals. In this video we will talk about the possible explanations for the origin of this mysterious never before observed radio signal.

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1:50 What have we observed?
3:55 1st possible explanation
6:33 2nd possibility
7:40 The future?

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