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New Photos Of The Icy World Ganymede

The last time we saw Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede up close was over two decades ago. Now NASA has released new closeups of the moon, taken on June 7, 2021, by the Juno orbiter. The stunning images reveal Ganymede’s icy surface in striking detail.

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A mysterious world, that Juno is helping to bring back to the center of scientific attention after a period of relative silence. But before talking about the Juno flyby.
The scenario that is slowly composing has something incredible. Before the Voyager and Galileo missions, there were even those who thought that the Galilean satellites were worlds without particular characteristics of relief, probably united by a unique genesis and undifferentiated by surface characteristics and internal structure.
For some time now, Ganymede has been added to the list of possible worlds that could hide an ocean in their , thanks to the recent discovery of a magnetic field that surrounds it. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and first introduce Ganymede in terms of history and numbers.

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