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New Space Race: Who Will Be The First To Reach Mars?

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In 1969 Neil Angstrom was the first human to set foot on the surface of the moon, since then a total of 12 people have stepped on our natural satellite and new missions are already being planned that will take the next generation of humans to the moon.
However, so far we have not yet managed to get humans to Mars, the most earth-like planet in the solar system. And who will be the first to set foot on the surface of the red planet? Stay until the end of this video to find out.

In the 50s the former Soviet Union and the United States faced off in a duel in which both wanted to prove which of the two possessed the greatest technological advances in the world.
This happened from the Second World War, at a time when the world was still in fear of an inevitable third world war and the scars of past wars had not yet finished closing.
To reinforce the patriotic ideal in society and provide the sense of security each nation invested an enormous amount of money for the development of weapons and technology that would serve in war.

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