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Out-Of-Control SpaceX Rocket On Collision Course With Moon!

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Did you guys hear the news?
A SpaceX rocket is on a collision course with the moon.
This is insane, right? What is happening over there?
More amazingly, this piece of the rocket is going to crash after spending almost seven years hurtling through space!

It will arrive on the moon the next month, after being launched from Florida in Feb. 2015, as a part of a mission, an interplanetary one: the NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory.

But after completing a long burn of its engines and sending the satellite on its way to the Lagrange Point, the rocket’s second stage became derelict. 
It wandered for seven years, following very strange paths, very unusual orbits given by the studying of chaotic systems in our solar system. 
In particular, he can be considered as a small body in the gravitational field of the Moon, Earth, and Sun. Such objects in such systems behave in a weird way, and what is happening now is that the rocket’s orbit will intersect the moon. That’s why we are going to have a crash after seven years. 
Space observers believe the rocket – about four metric tonnes of “space junk” – is on course to intersect with the moon at a velocity of about 2.58km/s in a matter of weeks.

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