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PLANET 9:Could There Be More Planets In Our Solar System?

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Planet 9 is a hypothetical planet larger than Earth, far beyond Neptune’s orbit, in the darkest and farthest corners of the solar system, but could there be such a giant planet in our solar system that we haven’t yet discovered? How could such a big planet hide from our most powerful telescopes?
The idea that there is a ninth planet in our solar system is nothing new; since 1906, the astronomer Percival Lowell proposed the idea that beyond the orbits of Neptune, there was a ninth planet that disturbed the orbits of the gas giants Uranus and Neptune, which he called “Planet X.”

Although for many astronomers the anomalies in the orbits of the outermost gas giant planets of the solar system could be explained without the need to invent any ninth planet, other astronomers supported the idea, since in the past it had been shown that the anomalies of the Planet Uranus were due to an eighth planet not yet discovered, this Planet ended up being Neptune.

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