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  • Jan 01 1970
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李子柒 Liziqi 李子柒 Liziqi

spicy beef jerky

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#李子柒#lýtửthấ#Liziqi#ChineseCuisine #ChineseFood Here’s the super pal for reading and watching TV: spicy beef jerky. Stew the beef in secret sauce over slow fire, and simmer the spice oil till fragrant. Chew the hand-ripped beef, and indulge in its lingering flavor. Bite by bite, you simply can’t stop… Homemade snack with no preservatives or coloring, Safe for children and everyone! A must-have snack for reading and watching dramas – “Spicy Shredded Beef Jerky”. Small fire secret brine, boiled spice oil, slow fire and fragrant, slowly bite the torn beef one by one, and the mouth is fragrant! Can’t stop at all… It’s safe to make it yourself, and it’s safe for children to eat it! Li Ziqi Liziqi 】 https://goo.gl/nkjpSx
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