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Terraforming Mars: Its Moon Phobos Can Help Us!

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Ours is a special planet. Probably not unique, but certainly rare. An extraordinary combination of events has created conditions favorable to life, which has evolved into a wide variety of species, transforming it into the world we know.
Seen from space, the Earth always leaves us amazed: its “pale blue” color, as Carl Sagan had defined it, mainly due to the dispersion of sunlight in the atmosphere and the abundant mass of water in the oceans, has not yet found equals in the search for extrasolar planets.
Many factors contribute to making the Earth habitable: some are constantly (and literally) under our noses (like the air we breathe), others are less tangible but just as basic.
The moons of Mars are so small (Phobos’ diameter is 22 km and Deimos is 13 km) that they have virtually zero escape velocity, so if there was a “plasma generator” such as an ablation or gas release system (powered by the already referenced nuclear reactors), the plasma would easily escape from the surface. We could use Phobos for terraforming mars.

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