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Tess Discovered Unusual Exoplanet With Features Never Seen!

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The haunting for exoplanets is something delicate and complicated, and astronomers are struggling to invent new efficient methods, or improving technologies, in order to find planets similar to Earth. 
In fact, for the moment, the equations tell us that our exoplanetary discoveries are biased, in the sense that we can only find some type of planets, with specific orbital and physical parameters. 
For example, it’s easy to find planets like Jupiter, or maybe planets distant from their host star. 
Instead, it is not easy at all to spot exoplanets like Earth. And this is not because they don’t exist. It’s all about our limits in technology and methods.

Today we want to tell you something about Toi-2257b.
It was discovered with the help of the TESS telescope, one of the most known exoplanets hunter, and it has some special characteristics. 
For example, it is two times bigger than Earth in size, and it has an eccentricity parameter of zero point five. This is a huge eccentricity. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry: we will talk about this later in this video.

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4:34 Toi-2257b
5:07 Toi-2257b. How big is it?
5:54 Its Star Toi 2257
6:58 Atmosphere
7:40 Seasons
8:14 The eccentricity

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