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The 7 Earth Like Planets Closest To Us

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7. TRAPPIST-1 │ 39.13 light-years
Located at 39.13 light-years from Earth, Trappist-1 is an ultra-cold dwarf star of spectral type M8V in the constellation Aquarius.
6. YZ Ceti (b, c, d) │ 12 light-years
YZ Ceti is a red dwarf star in the constellation Cetus located 12 light-years away.
5. Tau Ceti (g, h, e, f) │ 11.9 light-years
Tau Ceti is a sun-like but smaller star located in the constellation Cetus just under twelve light-years away from the solar system.
4. Ross 128 b │ 11 light-years
Ross 128 b is a confirmed Earth-sized exoplanet, probably rocky, orbiting within the inner habitable zone of the star Ross 128, a red dwarf located 11 light-years from our solar system.
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00:30 51 pegasi b –
2:30 YZ Ceti
3:11 tau ceti
4:51 . Ross 128 b
6:52 . Epsilon Eridani b
7:30 Barnard b star
8:34 Proxima Centauri b

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