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The Fascinating Andromeda Constellation: Facts, Myth And Location

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One of the most meaningful things astronomy teaches us is we can always try to understand a bit more of the world around us.
Think, for example, of a constellation. We can spot it in the night sky, and we can spend some time admiring it with the people we love. It is surely romantic stuff, but if you see the world with the eyes of an astronomer, everything acquires a new, deeper meaning.
Astronomers know that a constellation is always more than just stars connected one to each other by means of imaginary lines.
They know that some exotic objects might be hiding within the constellation, some objects that we are not able to see by the naked eye. Maybe one of the stars that make up the constellation is actually a multiple star system, only we can’t see it because of the huge distance between us and them.
Or maybe some constellations host a galaxy.
Today we are going to talk about the Andromeda constellation, which actually has both: a multiple star system and a galaxy hiding within it.
Let’s find out Andromeda facts and where is it located.

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