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The First Three Minutes: A (More) Modern View Of The Origin Of The Universe

The scenario of the inflationary universe represents, at present, the best model in our possession to explain the origin of the cosmos. Here we can watch the First Three Minute of the universe.we have a Modern View Of The Origin Of The Universe.
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1st frame. Our first frame shows the universe at Planck Time. Everything that exists is concentrated in an incredibly small space, the size of the Planck Length (10 million billion smaller than a hydrogen atom!), the density of matter and energy is 1094 g/cm3, and the temperature is 1032 K, that is 100,000 billion billion billion degrees!
The nature of superforce is for us almost completely mysterious, since its precise description is the final goal of physicists engaged in the research of the so called “theory of everything”. The theory currently most credited to play this role is the theory of “superstrings”, according to which the primordial universe would have had, in addition to the usual four space-time dimensions, other dimensions: they would have remained as wrapped on themselves at Planck scale,
2° frame. The scene shows us now the universe on the eve of a great and unrepeatable moment: inflation. 10-35 seconds have passed since “creation”, the universe has a size of 10-28 meters, temperature has dropped to 1028 degrees. Another separation of forces is about to take place: electronuclear force is divided into strong nuclear force and electroweak force.
3rd frame. Inflation is over. Universe is “old” by 10-32 seconds, and temperature is 1025 degrees. Symmetry breaking between forces has happened, excited vacuum has released its immense energy in form of radiation, real particles of matter and antimatter have formed, and in short, universe slowly starts to take a more familiar shape.
4th frame. Arrived at the age of 10-12 seconds, the universe has a temperature of 1015 degrees and has now considerable size: a radius of about 300 million kilometers, twice the distance between Earth and Sun.
5th frame. We are now one millionth of second after the initial instant: the universe is a sphere more or less as big as our solar system, that is 10 billion kilometers.
Frame 6. At the age of one second, the temperature is 10 billion degrees, roughly a thousand times the temperature we measure today at the center of the Sun. The universe is experiencing a second great annihilation. This time, after protons and neutrons, electrons and positons are the ones to pay the price.
7th frame. The “creation” movie has arrived at three minutes from the beginning of time. The temperature has dropped to one billion degrees, approximately the temperature that exists inside the hottest stars.
Frame 8. Let’s now take a big jump forward, to about 300,000 years after the big bang, to the time of “recombination”. Actually, between the previous frame and this one, not much has happened, if we exclude the incessant cosmic expansion, moreover always slower.
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