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The Futuristic Technology That We Need To Colonize Mars

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In this video we will try to imagine some of the technologies that could help first astronauts in the hypothetical colonization of Mars. We will try to understand the problems they might encounter and the possible countermeasures.

The first big problem is to reach Mars alive: for a very long time, equivalent to no less than six or seven months, the crew would be completely exposed to abundant quantities of cosmic rays and ionizing radiation, the effects of which, in the long run, could be deleterious to the health of the organism, with a consequent high probability of developing serious diseases.

How to solve the problem by avoiding very heavy lead and massive radiation shields?

At the Ames Research Center, California, they have developed and are testing a compactor that takes the daily non-organic waste produced in flight and converts it into a disc about 20 cm by 1.5 cm thick, which can be used to compose a light and very useful cosmic ray shield on the walls of the space capsule. A kind of tile in size which, thanks to the prevalence of plastic compacted at least 10 times in its constitution, can absorb the dreaded radiations and particles that run through the spaces between planet and planet. By carpeting one of the spaces of the spacecraft, for example the sleeping area or even creating a “refuge” area to be used for short periods in the event of an eruption by the Sun, astronauts could be protected without having to carry the weight of a traditional shield made of thick metal.

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8:07 Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE)

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