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The Great Red Spot Of Jupiter, Will It disappear By 2100?

The “Great Red Spot” of Jupiter is getting smaller and smaller. Once three times the Earth’s diameter in size, or about 40 thousand kilometres, the most famous feature of the giant of our solar system seems to be shrinking more and more, also changing its shape from elliptical to almost circular. The phenomenon has been going on for decades, but in recent years it seems to have accelerated abruptly.When we think of Jupiter the first thing that comes to mind is its gigantic dimensions.From Voyager measurements to today’s, it’s been about 40 years, and in this period the diameter has fallen by 7500 km… almost 200 km a year… At this rate, what we used to consider one of the most spectacular and enduring peculiarities of the solar system risks disappearing by 2100!
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At the beginning of the twentieth century, the visibility of the Spot diminished, and its colour became an increasingly faded pink. In 1908 it is difficult to perceive, but in 1923 it becomes perfectly visible again: it is very elongated and occupies a quarter of the equatorial diameter of Jupiter. It appears vaguely hexagonal in shape and adheres, as in Cassini’s time, to the Southern Temperate Band.
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