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The LUVOIR Telescope: Telling The Story Of Life In The Cosmos

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The future telescope – called for now LUVOIR, from Large Ultraviolet Optical Infrared Surveyor, and for which there is also an option with a fifteen-meter mirror (LUVOIR-A), should be ready for launch in the early 2040s and will be tasked with looking for biological signs in the atmospheres of exoplanets thought to be potentially habitable. – it will be the James Webb’s Space Telescope Successor.
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Credits: Ron Miller, Mark A. Garlick /
Credits: Nasa/Shutterstock/Storyblocks/Elon Musk/SpaceX/ESA/ESO/ Flickr

1:18 Luvoir telescope
1:52 Hubble telescope
3:02 James Webb Space Telescope
2:27 Nancy Roman telescope
7:52 Kepler Space telescope
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