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The Most Important Discoveries Ever Made By Space Telescopes!

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During the last decades, and after the revolution brought by the general relativity theory, many space telescopes were launched.
All of them have a precise goal, and there is always a huge team of physics researchers, engineers, astronomers, chemists, and opticians, behind a good space telescope.
Perhaps the most important reason why is so important to have space telescopes is overcoming the atmosphere barrier. The atmosphere acts like a barrier in some ranges of wavelength, meaning that the light coming from objects in the universe is filtered by our atmosphere.
The same precious atmosphere that gives us oxygen to breathe, is the same that goes against us when it comes to observations of the universe.
In this video, we present to you the most important discoveries ever made by space telescopes.
We’d like to start with one of the most beautiful pictures we have of the Cassiopea A supernova.

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Credits: Ron Miller, Mark A. Garlick /
Credits: Nasa/Shutterstock/Storyblocks/Elon Musk/SpaceX/ESA/ESO/ Flickr

1:02 Cassiopeia a
1:55 supernova remnant
4:30 supermassive black hole
7:00 Gravitational lensing
8_40 six planets orbiting a star

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