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The Mystery of Betelgeuse’s Dimming Has Been Solved

Will Betelgeuse explode soon? It could explode today, in one hundred years, in one thousand years, in one hundred thousand years; it’s difficult to predict.
Betelgeuse is a known variable star, with variations in brightness that occur over years to decades
Probably not, but right now, skywatchers all over the world are hoping Betelgeuse will supernova soon! Finally The Mystery of Betelgeuse’s Dimming Has Been Solved

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Compare our star to Betelgeuse. You know it, right? The second brightest star in the constellation Orion, marking the eastern shoulder of the hunter. Its name is derived in fact from the Arabic word “bat al-jawzāʾ”, which means “the giant’s shoulder.” It is easily discernible to even the casual observer, not only because of its brightness and position in the brilliant Orion but also because of its deep reddish color.

Well, behind the apparent mildness of this star that shines in the winter nights of our northern hemisphere, lies a real monster. Not a well-behaved star like our sun, but a shapeless cluster of gas that boils on the surface, projecting up to light years away jets of incandescent plasma. A blob of matter grouped without rules or measures, from the photosphere
These are opaque to visible light (the kind we see), and that is what caused the catastrophic dimming of the star. Then, eventually, the star heated up again, the dust molecules were destroyed, and Betelgeuse brightened once again.

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