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The Mystery Of Oumuamua Finally Explained

A cigar-shaped asteroid. That’s what scientists, using so-called Pan Starrs – which was a fast response telescope used to detect certain objects like comets and asteroids –It is known today as “Oumuamua”. 
In the Hawaiian language, ‘Oumuamua means “a messenger from afar arriving first”, a reference to its scout-like nature. 
A lot of people claim that Oumuamua was something belonging to an alien civilization, maybe a sort of…alien spaceship. Well, we think…this is not the case! Follow me in this video to get to know more about the mystery of Oumuamua explained, the weird interstellar object!

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oday we might actually finally have a solution, a very sound scientific solution that does not involve aliens, but before we, we wanted to mention the fact that we had some controversy about the origins of this object and without going into details about the object itself. 
The only reasonable explanation to all of this is well, unfortunately, for the lack of better words, scientific ego. 
Of course, everybody loves the idea of wanting to be that one scientist discovering something absolutely extraordinary somewhere out there and being that first person to mention it to provide proof for it – and to then basically be in a spotlight because of this.
Now, unfortunately, in science this happens quite a lot and also, unfortunately in science, because of this, there are some problems. 
One of the main problems is that this causes the public to lose fate and to lose any kind of confidence in scientific discoveries in the scientific community, and in scientists in general. 
Second of all, the problem with this mentality is that this creates a kind of a race to try to be that one person to discover something incredible so that you can be in the spotlight. (i.e. you make discoveries, you make money!)
This also often ends up in people making a lot of mistakes in the process, and then basically becoming a kind of pariah, or just losing their job completely.
Now that’s not exactly what we wanted to focus on, but it’s really important to understand one thing: when trying to figure out what we’re looking at, it’s super important in science not to jump to conclusions, especially when those conclusions can be explained by any other reasonable means.
We all really want to believe in extraterrestrial intelligence and a lot of us actually are convinced. 
The aliens are probably somewhere out there, but trying to explain a phenomenon that can be explained in different ways by basically implying that it’s probably alien intelligence is actually a somewhat irresponsible thing to do, at least for scientists. 
It is totally okay if you’re not a scientist, but if you are in a scientific community it is extremely important to be very prudent in investigating your claims, and in trying to avoid turning a hypothesis into an actual fact because that’s what’s been happening with a lot of new discoveries in the last few decades.
But anyway, despite all of this, we still wanted to talk about this object, because a new paper in some sense is kind of brilliant and it’s actually extremely interesting to read what the scientists had to say. 
But first of all, let’s actually talk about the Oumuamua and its shape, because what papers have been showing you so far is this really unusual cigar-like shape, but a lot of scientists do not believe this was the shape at all. 
So what’s its shape? Well, I’m sorry if you’re watching this video just before lunch, but…it has the form of a pancake. In fact, a lot of new studies – including the study we talked about a few years ago – determined that the shape probably looks something similar to a kind of a flat pancake in shape.
But if you are fighting with your stomach right now, you can think of it like a bar of soap after you use it for a very long time, which is actually an important analogy, because we’re going to come back to this in a few minutes.
Will Oumuamua ever leave the solar system?
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