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The Plan To Send A Probe On The Trail Of Oumuamua, The Interstellar Visitor!

Astronomers have now learned to think in terms of globality, and to consider more and more our corner of the galaxy as a set of objects continuously interacting with each other.
It is no longer science fiction to claim that our solar system can be continuously crossed by celestial bodies from planetary systems outside ours.
And we had proof with the fascinating cosmic odyssey that just over three years ago gave us the fast transit of Oumuamua.
By now that sort of ghost ship is already near the orbit of Neptune, 4.3 billion kilometers away, and if we wanted to send him a greeting we should raise our heads towards the large square of the constellation of Pegasus, within which lies its vanishing point.
Unreachable, mysterious…
Or maybe not?

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1:30 pan starr telescope
7:40 sending a probe
8:34 oberth maneuver
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