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These 7 Mind-Boggling Paradoxes In Physics Will Stretch Your Mind!

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7- The Fermi Paradox

When you look at the dark night sky and stare into the vastness of space, you are only looking at our local neighborhood and at the very best, about 2500 stars .
6- The Bootstrap Paradox

The Bootstrap paradox is a paradox of time travel.
5- The Grandfather Paradox

The grandfather paradox is another time travel paradox. In the Grandfather paradox, you travel back in time to ‘wipe out’ your grandfather…
4- Schrodinger’s cat paradox

The Schrodinger’s cat example is something very strange that all of us might have heard about before. Schrodinger proposed this thought experiment in 1935.
3- The Blackhole Information Paradox

Blackholes have puzzled the human brain ever since they were first discovered. They are mostly known for devouring all matter such that nothing, not even not light can escape from it. But they too present us with a big puzzling paradox– arising from the interaction of quantum
2- The Simulation paradox

Is Reality Real? What if the reality that we perceive is actually a very advanced computer program? These questions of the Simulation argument will make your brain hurt.
1- Unifying Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity

You wouldn’t have heard much about this particular paradox anywhere else. The stakes cannot get any higher. There isn’t a bigger problem in physics to ever exist than the problem of unifying quantum mechanics with General relativity.
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0:55 The Fermi Paradox
2:50 thebootstrap paradox
4:27 the grandfather paradox
5:24 schrodinger’s cat paradox
6:30 the blackhole information paradox
8:15 the simulation paradox ( is reality real?)
9:48 quantum mechanics and general relativity
11:43 the string theory

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