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This Black Hole Is Giving Birth To New Stars Rather Than Devouring Them!

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Black holes, which are sometimes depicted as deadly monsters that devour light, take on a less evil role in the newest Hubble Space Telescope research. Black Holes are some of the most intriguing objects in our universe, and assumed to be violent monsters sucking in everything. But a recent study shows something every opposite of it. The study shows that instead of destroying and devouring stars, a black hole is creating them! How is this possible? What is causing this balckhole to give birth to new stars? Today we’re going to talk about a pretty interesting and somewhat unexpected discovery of what appears to be a supermassive black hole that, instead of destroying stars and consuming matter, appears to be responsible for actually creating new stars and doing so extremely actively in this particular galaxy not too far away from us, which is something that has never really been seen before, despite the fact that certain theories in the past have proposed this. So let’s talk a little more about this in detail. Also you can find the research paper in the description below

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