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TOI 1231 B, A Neptune Like Exoplanet That Could Have Life

From what it is, to what it could mean for future discoveries, and more! Allow me to show you how NASA discovered TOI-1231 b, a Neptune like exoplanet that could have life!

Let’s start out by talking about what TOI-123 b is as a planet as a whole, shall we?
Using data from TESS, a large, international team of astronomers led by Dr. Jennifer Burt, an exoplanet researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, and Professor Diana Dragomir, an exoplanet researcher at the University of New Mexico, announced the discovery of TOI-1231 b in a new paper. The discovery was entered into NASA’s Exoplanet Archive on June 3.
A new era in the study of exoplanets is just beginning, as we move from simply detecting these planets, and counting them up, to zeroing in on individual worlds to analyze their atmospheres. With a technique called transmission spectroscopy, scientists should be able to use the Hubble Space Telescope – and soon the far more sensitive James Webb Space Telescope .

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