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Voyager 2 Re-established Contact After 7 Months!

Follow me on this GRAND TOUR to get to know how we re-established contact with Voyager 2: you will find cute pictures of Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Uran and, maybe, Micheal Jordan. Also, do you have any idea how do we communicate with Voyager 2? You’ll find out in this video. Enjoy!
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In the summer of 1977, NASA launched two of the most iconic missions in the Era of space exploration.
We are talking about Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, that left for the tour that is known as “Gran tour of the Outer solar system”.
This trip was made possible thank to a peculiar alignment of the planet, that made possible to make gravitational leaps from a planet to another.
This technique is known as “gravity assist”.
They visited Jupiter, Saturn, and then Uran and Neptune.
But….why did NASA launch two probes? 
It was because one of them had to visit Titan, the moon of Saturn, that was at the time one of the most intriguing places in our solar system, because it was the only moon in the solar system with a big atmosphere.
Voyager 1 and 2 took some pictures. 
We suggest you to take a deep breath and see what a beauty:
But why didn’t Voyager visit Pluto?
It was because Pluto wasn’t aligned in the right way so that they could not divert the probe in its direction. Actually, there was an idea to send another probe, the Voyager 3, to Neptune, but unfortunately, there were no more funds, so Voyager 3 and 4 have never been built.
But…they are too far from us: how do we communicate with Voyager?
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