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We Live In A Huge Bubble! What’s Hiding Outside The Solar System?

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A new study confirmed that Earth is surrounded by a huge bubble. Better said, the whole solar system is embedded in this vast bubble. What’s outside the solar system?
And no, it isn’t one of those bubbles that we used to blow when we were kids, it’s not a matter of water and soap. In fact, is way bigger. Just to say, it is so big that, if you had the chance to drive your car to the speed of light and decided to cross this bubble, it would take to you something like 1000 years. At the speed of light! 

Also, this bubble’s borders drive the formation of all nearby young stars. This is exactly what a new study suggests. 

But where does this bubble come from? Will it eventually disappear? And is this a unique feature of the solar system, or do different star systems own different bubbles? 

Well, let’s be clear: the existence of such a bubble was already known for decades. 
Astronomers have been referring to it as the “Local Bubble”. It is a giant void surrounded by thousands of young stars. Some studies were made, but needless to say, this is a hard topic, and for this reason, much has remained unclear about this bubble. 

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