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What After Voyager 1 And 2? Interstellar Probe Mission!

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This video is dedicated to the Interstellar Probe, a robotic space mission being studied by NASA aimed at studying the interstellar medium. But, before we talk about it, we will try to explain what the interstellar medium is.

The interstellar medium (often abbreviated as ISM, from the English InterStellar Medium) consists of a rather rarefied mixture of ions, atoms, molecules, dust grains, cosmic rays and magnetic fields; by mass 99% of the matter is made up of gases, the remaining 1% of dust. Densities range from a few thousand to a few hundred million particles per cuhe interstellar medium gas consists of approximately 89% hydrogen and 9% heliumbic meter, with an average value in the Milky Way of one million particles per cubic meter (i.e. one particle per cubic centimeter). As a result of the Big Bang nucleosynthesis, t, with 2% heavier elements (termed “metals” in astronomical jargon) and trace compounds.

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